Monday, 22 September 2014

Health Care Instruments Are of Great Benefit!

The temperature of the human body - it is one of the main indicators of the state of health. Abnormality of temperature is directly related to human problems in his health. Perhaps it is not there already such a person, who does not know how, and most importantly how to measure the temperature. Thanks to Medical Equipment Manufacturers that we are able to diagnose some of the treatments by ourselves. 

Today in pharmacies, specialized medical equipment stores, supermarkets and home appliances and electronics, presented a large number of various thermometers (thermometers) - mercury, electronic and infrared proximity and contact, disposable and interchangeable nozzles. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The traditional mercury thermometer mercury thermometer for many years will not go out of our everyday life. Despite the emergence of precision electronic thermometers, a lot of peopleusing only mercury thermometer. Mercury thermometer represents a glass flask with a capillary, which contains mercury (2 grams). 

·         High precision temperature measurement (margin of error no greater than 0.1 degrees)
·          Variety of ways to measure the temperature (auxiliary, oral, rectal) 
·         Long life (if not drop the thermometer and carefully handle it, then break in a mercury thermometer is nothing). It does not require periodic replacement of batteries. 
·         No problem with carrying out disinfection (but you cannot boil). 

·         Very fragile and precarious housing design makes it easy to break the thermometer, which will inevitably lead to the contamination of toxic mercury and glass shards 
·         Long time measurement of temperature - about 10 minutes 
·         The streamlined shape increases the risk of "losing" in rectal thermometer measurement 
·         Young children is not desirable to use it orally 

There is another device called Mercury Thermometer. In our time, when digital and electronic technology being actively developed, and come in all spheres of human activity, playing an increasingly important role and becoming more and more essential for each of us, there are the usual things and things of our everyday objects, which will long continue to serve us and benefit. Even after the emergence of a large number of models of electronic thermometers, mercury thermometer has not lost its popularity and is the most common instrument for measuring the temperature of the human body.

How the main element of the mercury thermometer mercury thermometer is is a capillary tube. The tube is sealed on both sides and from within her exhausted air. At one end of the tube is a reservoir of mercury. To measure the temperature there is a special scale. Scale deposited on the bar attached to the tube. To accurately measure the body temperature, each degree on the scale consists of 10 units of 0.1 degrees Celsius.

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